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Ron Jones


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One of Hollywood’s most experienced and skilled composers, orchestrators, and musical educators, Ron’s formidable skill composing, producing, and conducting live musicians is literally legendary. 


Ron is also one of the most delightful gentlemen I’ve ever met. His sense of humor is well-known and can be heard throughout his music – including Prime Time Emmy and Grammy winning songs such as “Christmastime is Killing Us,” “We Only Live to Kiss Your Ass,” and “Road to the North Pole” from the iconic animated series Family Guy. 


Ron currently resides at scenic SkyMuse Ranch, his beautiful 23-acre mountain estate in Stanwood, Washington - just north of Seattle. SkyMuse features a full recording soundstage, studio, and seven-room musicians guest house.  Ron is currently working with the same veteran array of LA-based studio musicians he has always worked with – the very best available players in the business.  


Artists love working with him regardless of the budget or project and share a tremendous love for the wonderful music they have spent their lives creating together. 


Selecting Ron ensures that your production will receive only the very highest quality score, written, performed, and produced both flawlessly and with maximum efficiency.

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