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Kevin Manthei


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It is my great pleasure to introduce veteran animation composer Kevin Manthei for your thoughtful consideration today. For years, Kevin has been routinely entrusted with iconic, established, international brands such as Spiderman, Justice League, Transformers, Star Trek, Invader Zim, Nancy Drew, Robot Chicken, Generator Rex, and Ben 10 in addition to numerous original emerging properties. I can say with great authority that Kevin always delivers a powerfully creative, emotionally story-driven score that is flawlessly produced for every project he shepherds.  


Kevin is a multi-instrumentalist who also ingeniously and lovingly creates his own sounds & samples, and delights in collecting rare and interesting world instruments. Live musicians and ensembles grace the scoring stage at his incredible Triumph Studios and gorgeous ranch in Santa Clarita, where Kevin can be found performing, recording, and producing his scores.


Selecting Kevin assures that your project will receive a powerfully focused creative vision and high-end production capabilities

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