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Andrew Scott Bell


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It is my great pleasure to introduce you to a true rising young superstar, composer Andrew Scott Bell. Andrew is a highly skilled multi-instrumentalist who works out of a spacious, professional, and high-tech home-based studio in Sherman Oaks. Andrew recently scored NBC’s Prime Time series Home Sweet Home for Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award Winning Director Ava DuVernay.  


Well known for his thrillingly scary, and uniquely out-of-the-box compositions and production techniques, Andrew also recently had the honor of scoring the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards - a look back at 2021’s Best of Horror. 


An “outside the box” thinker, Andrew often employs uniquely “fresh” recording techniques to personally achieve the sounds he envisions. Whether personally playing and recording individual violin parts again and again to create complex harmonies and/or disturbing sonic textures, or employing his massive one-of-a-kind “Frame” - the internal stringed portion/frame of a deconstructed piano - (along with many other interesting pieces from his massive array of cool vintage instruments), Andrew is an extremely rare and exciting artist who spent years learning the strict rules of composition and orchestration - so he can break them with impunity to amazing effect.


But lest you are led by my description to believe that Andrew is some sort of darkly mad musical genius, please know that he is a deeply caring and absolutely amazing human that you will undoubtedly enjoy collaborating with.

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