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Jo Blankenburg


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Composer Jo Blankenburg is a tremendously popular global musical artist, having amassed on Spotify during 2021 over 8.1M individual streams listened to by 848.1k unique listeners over a mind-boggling 160 countries. And Jo’s notoriety continues to increase annually, with his overall user engagement stats currently growing by approximately 20% on an annual basis.  Both his hardcore fans and casual listeners consume his products worldwide, bringing hundreds of thousands of new viewers to everything he scores. 


Jo is a German national who has been living in LA for over ten years. He has worked with Oprah Winfrey, Eric Heisserer (Stranger Things, Shadow & Bone), and Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman 1984) among many other highly respected Directors and Producers. 


Jo’s Epic style of composition is legendary among Creative Executives (many of whom are longtime fans) across the globe. He is currently working with renowned fantasy visualist and Director Robert Sethi and his entire creative team from The Mill's London Office, on the highly anticipated UHD release of their Cryptoblade Kingdom gaming cinematics and trailers.

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