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Michael James Romeo


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One of the most incredibly gifted artists I have ever met, Michael began his musical journey at an early age with piano, focusing on classical music. In his teens, guitar became his primary instrument and he quickly mastered rock, metal, and classical styles. A highly respected guitar virtuoso, Michael developed a fondness for film and television music.


The founder, primary songwriter, composer, and producer of legendary world-touring progressive metal heavyweights Symphony X, Michael and the band have released nine studio albums. The last five have all charted internationally - including the US Billboard Top 200. Symphony X have toured extensively all over the world. 


Over the years, Michael continued his studies in composition and orchestration with regards to film and television music. He has spent over twenty years refining his skill with orchestral, electronic/orchestral hybrid, rock, world, and many other music styles. Michael has also released two solo projects, War of the Worlds, Part I (2018) and War of the Worlds, Part II (2022).  Part II included ground-breaking orchestral elements that surprised and delighted critics while massively charting across the globe hitting top spots in Japan and across Europe.   


Michael’s film and television credits include - 100 Acres of Hell, The Path, The Seventh Day as well as the megaband Kansas documentary Miracles Out of Nowhere. His music is regularly featured on NFL broadcasts and highlight shows, in Mountain Dew spots, as well as on the CW network, Sony Pictures, Lifetime, and many others.


Michael is a great choice to bring his iconic composing style - and his hundreds of thousands of loyal fans worldwide - to your project.

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